Workshop Introduction: Telepresence Hangar+Laboral

This workshop is codirected by INTACT and Hangar and is part of the project of contribution among both “Without body. actions telecompartidas in network”.  It financed by the Department of Culture, Labor (Plat0), Hangar, 3dfrommars, INTACT and Hypernoika.  

Our proposal for this workshop has been to carry out a permanent connection with Labor for telecompartir.  In principle, this workshop was thought to be a workshop for the creation telecompartida.  Nevertheless, now we have opened the workshop toward the different forms of TELEPRESENCIA due to the interest of other artists and collective by participating and to put in common its ideas on the telepresencia.  In this way, during the days 9-10-12-13-14-15 of December 2011, the participants to the workshop will be able to have different visions relating to these practices.

Here we leave you the presentation of the workshop:

This workshop is focused to generate a space of experimentation with the new technologies in the environment of the telepresencia.

It is an experience lived meetings during a week – musicians, artists, technical – experiencing with the telepresencia and its capacity of creating spaces, forms, creations shared.

The telepresencia in the shape of skype already deeply is implied in the company – at the level I publish chiefly in its audiovisual format via skype – therapeutas do sessions to distance, families communicate – but is also basic to the modern war (the famous “drones”) and to the spatial explorations or below the oceans.

Here we want to investigate their use to create a space shared for encounters, the action to distance, the joint audiovisual creation with software and hardware free – along a week will work in the opening of different stations/spaces since where intervene and to be communicated in remote by means of the test of tools that permit an interactive communication through: the exchange of data, the alteration of the sensory conditions and Environmental, systems of control to distance or the creation of virtual spaces from the Reality Enlarged.

Besides the work with the technology, is sought to generate a critical focus that permit to question the own spaces since where works itself, in this case, spaces of cultural production and public institutions.  From a critical positioning reflections environment to concepts will be presented like perception, senses, interface, control, reality, the occupation and intervention to the public and institutional space, and the biopolítica.

The technological tools that will be utilized along the workshop they are the software Scenic for telecommunication and basic modules of Arduino and PureData.

The workshop goes directed to: artists, creative, or desarrolladores of tools, interested in the Telepresencia since different creative environments (dances, VJing, digital arts, performance etc.).  They are not necessary prior know-how in the tools that will be utilized although yes an interest by the experimentation with these technologies.

Announcement in the web of Hangar

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