Group exhibition of Ibero-American artists REMOTE SIGNALS curated by Pau Waelder

14th-20th March (opening hours 15-19, on Sunday 12-15h )
Place: project room (1st floor), ARSi maja (Pärnu mnt 154, Tallinn)

Most of the art we see and experiment today arrives to us through a screen. Some artworks have been created precisely for this type of distribution: they inhabit the network and feed from it, offering us a vision of a world immersed in a constant flux of information. These works thus become remote signals which allow us to discover the reality of a distant geographic zone, as well as to re-examine our own. This exhibition aims to present in Tallinn a selection of new media artworks created by artists from Spain and Ibero-America that offer visitors a view of our globalized society by means of current digital technologies.

The curator of the exhibition is art critic and investigator Pau Waelder who has also worked as a curator for exhibitions like «Real Time. Arte en tiempo real» (Arts Santa Mònica), «Data Cinema» (Festival Media Art Futures), and «Extimidad. Arte, intimidad y tecnología» (Es Baluard Museu d’Art Modern i Contemporani), amongst others. He is editor for the Media Art section of the magazine and writes for ETC media (Canada). From 2011, Waelder is part of the curator team of the Art Futura festival.


Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (MX / CA)
Varvara Guljajeva y Mar Canet (EE / ES)
Moisés Mañas (ES)
Joana Moll (ES)
Mario Santamaria (ES)
Ricardo Vega (CL)
Rachael Runner. INTACT Project (CL / ES)
César Escudero Andaluz (ES)
Román Torre (ES)
Clara Boj y Diego Díaz (ES)
Moisés Mañas (ES)
Pablo Valbuena (ES)
Felix Luque (ES)
Néstor Lizalde (ES)
Tiago Martins y Justyna Zubrycka (PT / PL)
Varvara Guljajeva y Mar Canet (EE / ES)
Brisa MP (CL)
Mónica Rikic y Lucía Segurajáuregui (ES)
Daniel Canogar (ES)
Gilberto Esparza (MX)