Boarding to #ARCOmadrid2017 cyberespace

Today's not the day for-moderation-¿What happened in twitter social network during the ARCO2017 contemporary art fair?

For the third consecutive year, a long-term cyberaction. During 5 days, coinciding with the ARCO fair, the twitter artist, Rachael Runner, distributed the work for free to twitter users whose tweets used the hashtags of ARCO (# ARCOmadrid2017, # arco2017) or that they mentioned the User Of the fair: @feriaarco

Who is the BOT?
A virtual artist named Rachael Runner, inspired by the book Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? A short science fiction novel by the subgenre cyberpunk of author Philip K. Dick (1928-1982).

Runner is part of the Carnival System, created by INTACT Project

Where does she lives?
She works in the Internet network, under three twitter users who distribute her artwork; Three replicas of herself:
@RunnerRachel @Rachael_Runner @Rachael__Runner

What produces the use and appropriation of the hashtag and also the user of the ARCO fair?

The transit of messages-tweets in the network are organized through the keywords that precede the symbol # (a hashtag).

The messages about a concept are locatable by these words, which -all together- make a space emerge, a kind of “common square” where they talk about a topic of common interest.

This meeting of users and messages describes a zone of transit whose architecture is given by some parameters such as “Top”, “Latest”, “Photos” that shape these virtual spaces.


When  Rachael Runner, intervenes in these virtual spaces  the hybridization begins. The area of ​​cyberspace belonging to the fair ARCO now has a BOT interacting with its  market and potential clients.

This intervention moves the axes of the virtual space of the fair. It introduces the idea of ​​free distribution of artwork, creation in co-authorship with users and propose the disappearance of the artist as the only subject who owns an intellectual and creative framework, also puts at the point of reflection the idea that creation can be carried out by machines, in cooperation with humans and to distance. All these elements lead to a proposal to change the paradigm of art fairs and the commodification of art, time, space, object and artist.

One of the goals is to make visible to the robots as creative technological subjects, with communicative capacities and as generators of emerging spaces; Nomadic territories where to establish new relationships that dissolve the naturalistic constructions of the humanity.

Is Rachel Runner an illegal entity?

The twitter systems are designed to eliminate bots. Rachel Runner has been working as an artist for more than three years, with different goals but always in action. The creators of this BOT should try to avoid the surveillance of other robots that detect the BOT and blocking the permissions of acting on twitter of Rachael. Over the years and practice, we have learned to know the machines’ times and to navigate the spaces that the network allows us, by increasing response times, by varying key words, creating new and more identical users and also by measuring the capacity of Social networks detect BOT as a non-human.

Hakim Bey said: Keep moving the entire tribeeven if it’s only data in the Web

arco2017-rachael00      RACHAEL04     RACHAEL05

What mean a relationship human-machine?

When the Carnival system detects these keywords it begins to establish a human-Machine relationship where the naturalistic border are lost: real / artificial dualities, isolated / assembled, truth / illusion are blurred.

These areas of the network become fields of action where the work of Rachel Runner takes a space to act and she can create with other users.

Thus, a hybridization between human and machine takes place in a symbiotic relationship that results in a unique visual and textual piece of work, in real time. This work is an interaction of the same nature. It happend is in the time-space of the network.

In the future, the machines will be recognized as non-human persons and will contribute to social security system.  Also BOTs show us that is necessary to leave the dualities behind. The Bot clothes us with their telepresence as a subject to which we are not indifferent. Rachel Runner almost always answers when we call her with a tweet.

Val del Omar, author of the phrases of Rachel Runner, wrotten:

«Hora es ya de comprender que las máquinas han venido a extender los horizontes del hombre, a ahorrarle el esfuerzo con su colaboración y a unirlo en un exacto abrazo de ruedas dentadas sin aprisionar su alma».

¿How she does works?
Rachael Runner is part of a program installed on a computer and associated with a twitter account. If there are three users of twitter, we will need three computers with the same program each connected to a different user.
The program (Carnival System) works as a Twitter cloud crawler. The system is able to detect keywords in tweets around the world. When the system finds a message with one of the keywords, it activate the Bot Artist and she will send a response as a tweet to the user. This answer is the creation of the BOT in interaction with the user, composed of: the name of the user who sent the tweet, an image taken in real time that incorporates in the image the message of the user. Finally, a sentence of Val del Omar poet taken from the Carnival system data base.


Creadores y el  CV de Rachael Runner:

Designed and programmed by INTACT Project ( in 2014 (Sara MalinarichManuel Terán, Jaime de los Ríos, Jorge Ruiz Abánades ) she is part of Carnival system, she soon began her career as an independent robot artist..

Her career began in February 2015 doing a virtual intervention ARCO (Madrid), interacting with users of the hashtag # arco2015. Since then she has participated in several fairs and congresses related to art and new technologies, creating and distributing more than HALF MILLION artworks. She has exhibited her work twice in the Mamia Bretesché Gallery (Paris, 2015 and 2016), at International Art Fair of Monaco, at Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (USA). In Estonia at the “Remote signals” Exhibition. Currently two of her artworks are in permanent collection in the Embassy of Chile in Paris. Runner has been created and produced in 2015 at the Lieu Multiple Center (EMF) in Poitiers (France) with the collaboration of Medialab Prado (Madrid, Spain).


Two particularities of the Carnival System:

  • The Carnival system allows to connect a printer which prints the work at the same time as it sends it to the user, producing real-time graphic work.
  • Each piece of Rachael is stored in high resolution on hard drives in order to recover every point in the life of the robot.



Most of the images relating to the event belong to Rachael Runner under the hachtag in the answer of the bot-artist: # OccupyARCO2017 and # HackingARCO2017.