3ºPhase Huésped. Movil telepresence


HUÉSPED is a an initiative from INTACT and it is defined as an innovation project in the arts and telecommunications field. It is an independent and self-funded project. It counts on the contribution of artists in Europe (Spain and France), Northamerica (Canada) and Latin

America (Ecuador). These artists' participation is translated into the programming of interactive interfaces, the elaboration of a theory of the art of telecommunications, and the testing of new tools. Everything is developed through a staged process which is performed in a collaborative, on-line and distance way.

Development of 3ºphase at MediaLab Prado.


SARA MALINARICH  (Madrid, Spain)

New media artist and Master of Fine Art (1999). Since 2004, specialized in artistic telepresence.

Her artwork explores virtual and hybrid environments, working in European projects and participating in multidisciplinary and international teams to develop platforms and technological interfaces for teleshared actions, by web browser (3D meta spaces) or telepresence systems.

In 2005, she organized the international festival of telepresence for theater, Órbita [05], connecting artists from Sweden, Spain and Chile in real time.

After that first experience she founds, with Manuel Terán, the collaborative Project, INTACT (2005-2013), focused on creating Teleshared action via internet, giving workshops to build an international network, writing collaborative text in copy left philosophy and developing open source technology for multicast real time physical interaction.

Her video artworks, performances and interactive interfaces have been shown in several museums, galleries and festivals in Sweden, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Canada, France, EEUU, Poland, Cyprus, Netherlands, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic and India.


MANUEL TERÁN (Madrid, Spain)

Visual artist, painter and programmer.

Since 2000, he works on digital projects, in collaboration with other artists, going deeply into the aesthetics field, looking for hybrid spaces, experimenting with the multisensory perception, proposing creative and low tech formulas of interaction and hacking solutions.

Since 2005, he researches art and telecommunications. He is a co-founder and artistic director of INTACT project, focusing his contribution to research new platforms and systems for telecommunication, adding robotic devices for physical interactions and immersive environments.

In 2006, he begins programming and designing mobile systems for telepresence, performing open video chat rooms, conceptualizing about presence, clones, identity, private and public spaces from social point of view.

In 2013, Manuel Terán is recognized by the "100 Latinos” awards for his contributions in the art and new technology fields.


MARÍA D. ALBA   (Toledo, Spain)

Researcher and multidisciplinary creator, specialist in visual and scenic arts.

Masters in Fine Arts and Doctorate in Arts and Research. Graduate studies in the Public World. As an artist and co-founder of the National Association of performing arts ARTEA, has been invited on numerous occasions by institutions and centres of art as Rose Bruford College and Live Art Development Agency (London), Theatre Institute (Barcelona), AOT (Bulgaria), Casa Falconieri (Italy), National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA, Morocco), among others. She has directed several multidisciplinary artistic projects and has coordinated several seminars and national and international meetings.



Multidisciplinary french artist actually living in Quebec, Canada, Alexandre Berthier has a Master of Fine Arts (2003) from Paris.

He evolves among 3 different fields : visual art, new media art and scenic art. Most of his artwork have been made in collaboration with karl-Otto von Oertzen under the collective name Marswalkers (www.marswalkers.org) for more than 10 years.

They have been collaborating with centers like CIANT in Prague, The Public in Birmingham and Wimbledon School of Art in Londres. Their work have been shown in many places, including the 6th international exhibition of vidéo and electronic art of Montreal, the Rockport Center for Contemporary Art in USA, the art center l’Œil de Poisson in Quebec, and the art center TUPAC in Peru.

He is also part of OAO collective (http://www.fleeingbirds.org/oao/) which is used to create multimedia performances that have been showned in Paris, London, Belfort and Quebec.

Alexandre Berthier also concentrates on video works and has been creating many films and video installations for different events.



Artist and electronic engineer and developer. 

Since 2008, he is artist in residence at Arteleku Art Center, participating in exhibitions such as ArtFutura, master class at Industrial Design (UPM University) and workshops at important art and new technology centers (Matadero, MediaLab Prado, Bilbao, etc.)

In 2009 he creates the Open Laboratory of art and science, ArtekLab, together with Andy Koening (Germany artist, specialist in biology and electronic music). 

In 2011, he collaborates designing and developing an open source project called "Immersive future home", http://www.openarch.cc/, showed in lectures about it at Harvard University, organized by Critical Digital at.

Parallel to this, Jaime de los Ríos has contributed to prominent international artists such as Husman Haque, Laurent Migneau, Marcel.Lí Antúnez or Etoy. 

In 2011, he is recognized with the first prize of "Novel artist" in Guipúzcoa.


MICHAL SETA (Montreal, Canada)

Michal Seta wears many hats. He’s a researcher and software developer at Society for Arts and Technology and research assistant at Matralab, Montreal, composer/improviser, performer and digital artist. He enjoys creating and using digital tools for artistic expression. He is involved with with a networked collective Melatab [SAT], a co-founding member of the electroacustic trio No One Receiving (Grain of Sound label) and the other half of the poetry and electroacoustic improvisation duo UniSecs. His works have been exhibited or performed in Europe, USA and Canada. He has worked with Sandeep Bhagwati, Marie Chouinard, Roger Sinha, Damian Taylor and many others in bridging the gap between the tangible world and digital matter. 



PhD in Philosophy and multidisciplinary artist. 

From humanistic education, Jorge Ruiz works as musician (group of improvised music), performer, video maker, 3D infographist, creator of games, audiovisual creator of content and history boards.

Together with Diego Agulló, he creates and develops the 'CUE' project, creating participative events and connecting as many as 11 European cities in real time, Madrid and Berlin being at the core.

Today, he is conducting independent research about the filmmaker and inventor José Val del Omar, focusing his investigation on experimentation and creating new narratives, modifying the time/space by a Picto-Lumínico-Audio-Táctil vision (P.L.A.T.).

In 2013, he starts his collaboration with 'Huesped' international telepresence project, providing his ‘Val del Omarian’ view and other conceptual and artistic contributions.