Recovery of a Painted Memory. Teleshared action

00:30 – 00:40, 11 may 2006, Paris + Cuenca


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Performers: Sara Malinarich (Paris, France) + María Domínguez Alba (Cuenca, Spain)

Video Treatment: Alexandre Berthier (Paris, France)

Network: Manuel Terán (Cuenca, Spain)



“Recovery of a painted memory” is the document of a telematics action done by the artists Sara Malinarich (from Paris) and María Domínguez Alba (from Cuenca) through web cameras in real time. This video, divided in two screens, shows a teleshared action made between these two artists: in the upper part we see the scene produced in Paris and in the lower part the result of an intervention made simultaneously through software, of the same scene, made by Alexander Berthier at the time of the action.

This proposal shows a collaborative work where two artists in two different geographical locations meet on a digital base in real time. Using a videoconference system, the participants of this work appoint each other to meet at a certain time to make this experimentation.

None of them know what the other will do, but they observe each other in the screens and each of them gives the other a context to create. Like one dreaming the other. An action such as putting a clay mask on the face can have strange connotations when the other artist, from far away intervenes this act changing its meaning, however, this is reciprocal.

Somehow, delocalize scenarios and place them together in a digital platform means to get basic elements for a real communication or connection, like cognition and intuition. The challenge of any collaborative action is to be open to fragmentation, cloning and flowing for a time with no shape that is the flow of information in the Internet.

The ways of life in the net, the spaces for action and the ways of connecting through electricity assume our acts through light and we are left wondering about which is the real platform in a collaborative telematic action.