Heart Attack. Teleshared action

ASTURIAS [Materia viva atelier ] + PARIS [Maison Populaire]

Teleshared video. March 31, 2007.

Imagine various scenarios, a body that could travel through the cables of the net across France and Spain, another one through Spain and France…

Any change you say! However, one is certainly there, in front of your eyes, living. Imagine that these bodies find each other in a twist of the connection, transforming themselves, constructing themselves, modeling themselves… Like in a merging of these scenarios to create in each place a dance of images and sounds.

HEART ATTACK (Asturias, Spain)

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HEART ATTACK (Paris, France)

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Alexandre Berthier (Paris)

Ernesto García (Asturias)

Sara Malinarich (Asturias)

Vicente Pastor (Asturias)

Karl-Otto von Oertzen (Paris)

Manuel Terán (Asturias)