Blind date. Teleshared action

Sara Malinarich (Cuenca) + Aida Mañez Salvador (Valencia)

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"Blind date" is a teleshared action, part of the INTACT project, proposed and directed by Sara Malinarich.

This is a collaborative work between the artists Sara Malinarich and Aida Mañez that makes a connection through Internet in which both artists meet for the first time. A relationship in the distance, that begins by working together.

Naked in her home bathroom, in Cuenca, Spain, Sara Malinarich reveals her body through painting, while from Valencia, Aida Mañez watches her, observes her and wants to touch her.

Cita a ciegas incorporates in this action, the body of the artist as a medium for the other artist; whom, from a distance, is not a context but a part of her interlocutor in real time.

Head and body, two artists fragmenting and traveling through the net to form a body, to complete each other, to communicate and create together in space, distance and at the same time.



- Sara Malinarich (Performer)

- Manuel Terán (Networking)


- Aida Mañez Salvador (Performer)

- Angel Guillem (Guitar)

- Frances Pastor (Bass)

- Facundo (Percussion and trumpet)

- Voro García (Percussion and trumpet)